An intelligent enterprise-wide monitoring solution for database back-end environments

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Remote DBA and IT services delivered by highly professional team with the help of powerful technology are available for broad range of contemporary back-end database engines

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A team of experts is always available to resolve database issues

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Delivery of fully secure performance monitoring with Cerberus is augmented by DBA work done over secure channels

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SATS' Remote Database Administration service is about maximizing uptime and performance of mission critical databases, reducing the cost of database administration and providing business continuity. For big and small businesses alike, SATS' rDBA service aligns IT tasks with the business goals of your organization while saving you time and resources.

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Comprehensive RDBA Services

rDBA services

SATS offers the entire spectrum of DBA services, from database design and application development to managed maintenance and support services. SATS' competitively priced, high-quality expert service drastically reduces IT expenses up to 75%.

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Cerberus Technology

Cerberus Monitoring Technology

Cerberus is an intelligent enterprise-wide monitoring solution for a variety of database back-end processing engines. It acts as a singular point of control for various back-end technologies to optimize performance and maximize uptime.

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Remote IT Administration Services

Remote IT Admin Services

Ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly by choosing from an array of remote DBA/operations services available, ranging from data design and configuration to maintenance and round-the-clock support work.

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Big Data and Cloud Monitoring

Big Data and Cloud

SATS' rDBA monitoring works with Big Data Cloud management services, with support for Apache Storm, Hadoop, Apache Kafka and Apache Zookeeper on thousands of nodes. Businesses can monitor Cloud services off a single console.

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Uptime Performance Services

Uptime performance

SATS delivers production database performance with minimum uptime at 99.99%. From routine monitoring to DBA hands-on work, SATS utilizes most contemporary security methods of authentication within a stringent security model.

RDBA & DevOps for Enterprise

rDBA & DevOps for Small Business

DevOps and rDBA packages include core tasks at a fixed low price for small businesses and startups. SATS' team of DBAs work to bring functionality, performance, capacity and business continuity to any project.

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IT Consulting and Support Services

IT Consulting and support services

SATS bare bones Remote DBA and Remote IT support program aligns business and IT while reducing operation costs. SATS offers Managed DBA and Managed IT Service at the most competitive prices in the industry.

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Lights On Support and Monitoring

Lights On Support and monitoring

SATS offers remote IT support, development and performance optimization. SATS IT services encompass early detection and identification of IT problems along with further planning, design, and implementation of robust, cost-effective solutions.

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