On-Demand Services

SATS identifies customer needs and delivers robust and cost-effective solutions in record time. Using both industry standard and internally-developed tools, SATS implements and integrates database systems and applications and optimizes their performance.

The following on-demand services are offered by SATS:

on demand DBA support services


SATS' team of Database Administrators have extensive experience in DBA and IT services across a wide array of industries. Some services include:

  • Short-term database monitoring, and administration
  • Database basic tuning
  • Preventive database maintenance
  • Fixing database problems emerging in the course of application operation
  • Capacity planning
on demand emergency DBA service


For databases that are not performing, have lost cirical data or have corrupted media that needs recovery, SATS can troubleshoot the following:

  • Database down conditions (various conditions could be handled successfully)
  • Slow database performance
  • System overloads
  • Capacity problems
  • All other problems that may occur with your Database

on demand IT support network service


In order to meet business demands, SATS analyzes current IT infrastructure and finds customized solutions to meet specific business needs. SATS gives you the convenience of on-demand IT expertise that fits your budget, advances your business goals, and assures maximum return on your investments. Services include:

  • Software upgrades, fixes, and patches
  • Software re-installation
  • Application functionality adjustments
  • Application DDL changes Delta scripts generation and roll out into production
  • Business continuity planning and implementation.
  • Disaster recovery system
  • Fault management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Network design and deployment
  • Network security and firewall
  • Access to our experts for technical support and problem solving
emergency lights on program


Delays with financing? Slow business? In the dire straights of the economic crisis of 2008, SATS created this program to allow customers to weather the storm. When bundled with the Lights On Monitoring, SATS Support Service is charged separately at a much lower rate.

  • 24x7 monitoring of IT infrastructure and databases
  • Alerts about latent and developing problems with plenty of time to take an action
  • Access to SATS experts 24x7 upon request

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