Amazon RDS sounds like a great deal as you get unlimited, pay-what-you-use cloud storage and backup for your databases. The catch is that you are paying for automated solutions. There is nobody on the other end maintaining your database or providing support when critical performance issues arise. You will still need a DBA team to monitor the database to ensure everything is running smoothly.

With SATS RDBA, you can expect the same automation, but you also get access to leading database experts who don't just upkeep your database, but make it faster, more efficient - all at about the same cost as Amazon's RDS would be. SATS' RDBAs are available 24/7. Not only do they quickly fix issues in the database, but they can suggest and implement prevantative improvements to the database.



Cost efficiency

Independent scalability of resources you need

Supports: MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Oracle, Microsoft SQL

Pay what you use

Predictable fixed cost SLA

24/7 human DBA support available

Maintenence and optimization of database

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