Most new companies have limited budgets but a great need for DBA experts. That is why they turn to SATS, a company that strives to provide the best technical talent to its clients. SATS' Database Administrators become integral and cruical parts of the client's team. A typical startup production database used to be built on Solaris or Oracle, but nowadays, businesses build back-end databases for Linux using MySQL, Postgres or Oracle. Some databases in production run Microsoft SQL Server, others run Big Data on Hadoop. No matter what technology is used, the challenges remain the same: functionality, performance, capacity and business continuity. SATS DevOps and Remote DBA package for startups include many services at a fixed low price.

  • Database architecture: functional design, entities and table design
  • Utilizing the best practice for laying out the database to address the business model
  • Provisioning database back-end tier
  • O/S and database software installation and configuration per business needs
  • Data retention policy, design and implementation
  • Design adjustments to handle traffic spikes without drop in performance.
  • Optimal security configuration for mid-tier to back-end data flows
  • Database and application integration, code review and code optimization
  • Remote DBA and DevOps development service with 24x7 monitoring

SATS always stands by its work and deliverables and offers an option to retain services even after your project goes live. SATS is confident in its design and implementation and are happy to offer affordable support retainer packages that easily fit into the company's budget.

To inquire about rDBA for startups or additional information, please contact SATS here or call 650 889-5533.