SATS offers a like-clockwork, 24x7 Remote Database Administration (rDBA) service that can reduce up to 80% IT cost by optimizing database uptime and performance. SATS contracts are individually tailored for meet each client's specific goals and environments.

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Oracle, MSQL, MySQL, MemSQL, DB2 service


SATS offers three basic types of services: complete, stand-by, and emergency support. All services use the same proven operational practices, noninvasive technology, and a customizable notification system. The service tiers vary in their extent of the coverage and the distribution of DBA tasks between SATS and a business' in-house team.

24x7 support


Your business will work with SATS' Bay Area team of experts dedicated to your specific business needs. SATS rDBA provides 3-tier support, one point of contact, comprehensive up-to-the-minute reporting, and one of the best emergency response assistance in the industry. SATS' DBAs work 24x7 on resolving latent and routine problems that can affect the performance of a database.

noninvasive database monitoring technology


Cerberus Remote DBA agent requires no openings through your firewalls (Electronic Signature Act compliant). Cerberus gathers and analyzes raw performance data for latent and immediate problems, forecasts behavioral trends, and supports capacity and maintenance planning.



Cerberus does not require any firewall openings and is Electronic Signature Act compliant. It can gather and analyze raw performance data for latent and immediate problems, forecast behavioral trends, and support capacity and maintenance planning. The gathered data is optionally encrypted upon transmission, analyzed, and then made available to authorized users on the designated site.

RDBA database monitoring

SATS' rDBA service supports the following backend services and devices.

  • All manufacturer supported versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MemSQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Big Data real-time processing technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Druid, Apache: Spark, Storm, Kafka, Zookeeper
  • Monitoring runs on all O/S and hardware platforms, including Solaris, Linux, Windows, Irix, HPUX, True64, AIX and others.
  • Monitoring of ERP applications, including Oracle Applications (Release 11,11i and 12)
  • Monitoring of custom-build and third-party applications
  • Monitoring of specific areas: MemSQL clusters, Oracle partitions, RAC, Stand-by databases, Oracle Streams, MS SQL mirroring and replication and many others.
  • Monitoring of websites for availability and performance
  • Database security monitoring and security compliance audits

  • RDBA database monitoring

    The following are every-day tasks which are packaged into SATS' Remote DBA service.

    Using Cerberus, SATS' rDBA service is currently maintaining 1,865 active databases & instances in its client pool.

  • 24x7 production database monitoring
  • 24x7 server monitoring: disk space, CPU and Memory utilization and server performance
  • Comprehensive real time, daily, weekly, and emergency web based reporting
  • Preventive database monitoring: logs, space allocation and space management of database structure
  • Database performance monitoring: cache hits and other performance parameters
  • Fault Management and monitoring: user locks and runway processes
  • Fixing critical database problems emerging in the course of normal and abnormal operations
  • Database backup process strategy: planning, implementation and maintenance
  • Data migration services
  • Free, full use of Cerberus capacity planning and monitoring system for monitored instances
  • Response time to the database critical alerts or emergencies within 15 to 30 min
  • Database software upgrades, fixes, and patches and reinstallation
  • Database installation, including nodes configuration
  • Database performance tuning and performance optimization work of existing application and SQL
  • DBA Support of development community with DB engine specific expertise
  • Development server support on as needed-on-demand basis
  • Custom application/scripts monitoring
  • No "reinventing the wheel" approach

  • Each account is assigned to a team of three DBAs: one Account Manager and two support members. Each group member has a major and minor area of expertise (i.e. an Oracle expert with MySQL as a secondary skill), creating a blended, resourceful team. View a detailed video on SATS' rDBA services and how they work.

    All service agreements clearly communicate our responsibilities and include alert response procedures, on-going communication with your internal groups, reporting, customization, and pricing. For quote please contact SATS RDBA Services.

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